Thursday, July 16, 2009

All is Great!

We went in for Vincristine and a blood check today. All is great! I am kind of glad that we didn't know that Ben's numbers were quite low last week (Poly at 633 and white blood count at 1.5) but the good news is that they are now terrific. White blood count 3.6, Poly 2459, Hemoglobin 12.5 and Platelets are 214,000. We feel good that we took so many precautions with the boys like having them sleep in separate rooms.

Ben still needs to finish out the Tamiflu but David is past the contagious phase of the flu so we can relax. Now we just need to prepare ourselves for the lovely steroid part of the month which started today. Hopefully they won't be too tough on him this month.

Only 2 more weeks until Ben's birthday. I can't believe he is going to be 9!

Friday, July 10, 2009


David has been fighting with a stuffy/runny nose for weeks now without any other symptoms but a couple of days ago he started with a low fever. After a visit to the pediatrician yesterday they let us know that he has the flu. Thankfully, Ben does not have it but the whole family has been put on Tamiflu to make sure that we aren't spreading anything to Ben. We are also using lots of Lysol, hand sanitizer and masks when needed!

We went over to the hospital today. Ben had his blood drawn but the nurse who normally takes care of him was out today so I didn't get a call with his numbers. I was told I would be called if there was a problem news is good news!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I guess I haven't had much to report. The boys did really well at Danielle's wedding. They looked absolutely adorable and performed their job perfectly. Unfortunately, Ben was having a tough time during the reception and David being a party animal didn't help matters in his mind. It was just unfortunate that Ben was on steroids.

Both boys have been fighting with small colds and we have had some scares with Ben's temperature, but thankfully it never went over the 100.4 mark so no extra trips to the hospital. Ben's numbers were slowly on the rise but not quite to where we want them to be. We are going in again on Thursday for another bloodcheck and hopefully everything will be back to normal.

The boys had last week and this week off of camp but they will be starting a sports camp on Monday which they are both really looking forward to!