Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No Computer

Well, I have been without a computer so that is why there haven't been any posts. Now I will try to recap how Ben has been for the last few weeks.

School started on September 2nd. The boys love their teachers and classmates and all has been going very well. Ben has two teachers, both men, which is a nice change for him. He has loved all his teachers at this school, they really have been awesome, but this year looks like it is going to be especially good for him.

Ben had Vincristine on the 10th and all went fine. He felt a little more yucky than normal after and unfortunately his days on steroids were really hard on him (and all of us) but he made it through!

The boys started up their new hockey season. We are trying a new ice rink for a variety of reasons and because of this both Ben and David are on the same team together with their best friend. They are having so much fun and having a great season so we are really proud of them.

We had a scare last week when Scott was terribly sick and hospitalized with a bacterial infection and some other issues. Thankfully, all is better now and we were so lucky that Ben didn't get it. Ben had a good time going through the menus with Scott and recommending all the good items - Ben said he was a little jealous that Scott got to eat the hospital food because that is one of his favorite things about being in the hospital. He just loves that food!