Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tough Day

Ben had a spinal tap today and as he said after we got home, "that was the toughest one yet!" Everything started out fine at the hospital, but because he didn't have enough to drink yesterday the doctors and nurses just could not find a usable vein. Even his normally very reliable vein in his right hand was just not cooperating. After lots of looking they decided to use the ultrasound machine to help out and thankfully they found one, however, not in the nice numb area we were hoping for. Ben took about the average time feeling back to his normal self, however, while going to the car he started to feel yucky. He was very quiet and I knew something was not good and this was confirmed when he got sick in the back seat. The poor guy was feeling awful.
He has spent the rest of the day on the couch or in bed and is still not feeling great but thankfully he is definitely feeling better than he was earlier.
Ben's blood worked showed that his liver function is elevated again so they will need to check how that is doing before his next dose of Vincristine. The good news is that his hemoglobin (12.6), platelets (163,000), white blood count (1.9) and ANC (1315) are all good!