Friday, January 30, 2009

Chemo and Good Numbers

I picked up Ben early from school yesterday to go get his Vincristine and a blood check. All went well with the chemo and the blood results were great. Hemoglobin at 12.8, Platelets at 217,000 and ANC at 2126. Ben was feeling pretty good so he was able to participate in a school event for the 2nd graders in the evening. The theme was Chinese New Year so the children made a presentation giving the parents information about what they have learned and then performed a fun song. Ben played the xylophone. After the performance we proceded into the classroom to play fun math games. The night was a big success.

Ben started with a small cough last night that we didn't worry about too much as it wasn't worse this morning before school. However, later in the morning I received a phone call that I should go to the school to pick him up because he wasn't feeling well. Not only had his cough gotten worse but he was also having major tummy trouble - most likely from the Vincristine yesterday. We are laying low today hoping that he will be able to do all the fun things planned for the weekend like go to a birthday party and play in his hockey game.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Big Night

Okay, so this is not related to Ben's health...but David lost his first tooth last night!! David has been waiting for this for months and months and at some points has even asked Ben to punch him in the mouth just so he could lose one. But it finally happened (and thankfully it was naturally with no need of a punch)!! He was very excited to get his dollar and a Magic School Bus book about a missing tooth this morning. Yay!

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Link

We started a "Cause" page on Facebook that allows you to donate money to the Cedars-Sinai Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Fund. If you're on Facebook, please join the cause and invite your friends! There is a link at the right margin.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hockey Hockey Hockey

Ben had a bit of a tough week. The boys started back at school. They were happy to be back but Ben was very tired and cranky. We kept things very low key but he still had a tough time. He started getting a cough last night which sounded absolutely terrible this morning. But after some honey and a lot of rest he was feeling well by the afternoon.

David started his hockey class this morning and had a great time. After resting all day and with a lot of begging and pleading by Ben we decided he was well enough to play hockey this afternoon. He was playing against his best friend so he REALLY wanted to be there. It turned out great and Ben's team won 5-1. Thankfully Ben still was feeling great after the game and the cough did not return. Scott is playing tonight so we are hoping he will also have a great game.

We received a question about how soon Ben was able to play sports after being diagnosed. Ben did not do much of anything, other than go to the hospital, for the first 9 months. After going into the Maintenance Phase of his treatment he was more active at school in PE and on the playground but still was not energetic enough for a team. By about the 12th or 13th month he was feeling great and by the 15th month he was totally back on the ice. He wasn't 100% in terms of energy and stamina but still feeling well enough to get on a hockey team and do well! I think he lost a bit of skill and speed being off the ice for so long but he is a fighter and he gets better every week.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Brand New Year

I realized I forgot to post an update after Ben's hospital visit earlier this week. All went fine. Unfortunately, there was a little difficulty with Ben's vein and it burst after the Vincristine so they were unable to draw blood from it so he needed to get a finger poke instead. Ben was great as usual and we were very happy to get the news that his numbers are good. White blood 2.1, ANC 1609, Hemoglobin 12.9 and Platelets 225,000.

Ben has been very cranky and tired for the past couple of days but that is probably just from the steroids. He has a hockey game today so he is trying to get motivated for it. We had some great friends come over yesterday evening and we all had so much fun eating and catching up and all the kids had a great time running around like maniacs!

Winter break is coming to an end. The boys are excited to see friends and teachers...but not so excited about homework and needing to go to bed on time. We've had a great couple of weeks but it will be nice to get into a normal routine again. We just need to keep everyone healthy!

Happy New Year!