Saturday, January 3, 2009

Brand New Year

I realized I forgot to post an update after Ben's hospital visit earlier this week. All went fine. Unfortunately, there was a little difficulty with Ben's vein and it burst after the Vincristine so they were unable to draw blood from it so he needed to get a finger poke instead. Ben was great as usual and we were very happy to get the news that his numbers are good. White blood 2.1, ANC 1609, Hemoglobin 12.9 and Platelets 225,000.

Ben has been very cranky and tired for the past couple of days but that is probably just from the steroids. He has a hockey game today so he is trying to get motivated for it. We had some great friends come over yesterday evening and we all had so much fun eating and catching up and all the kids had a great time running around like maniacs!

Winter break is coming to an end. The boys are excited to see friends and teachers...but not so excited about homework and needing to go to bed on time. We've had a great couple of weeks but it will be nice to get into a normal routine again. We just need to keep everyone healthy!

Happy New Year!

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ffong said...

How soon after the diagnosis was Ben able to play sports again?

My son was diagnosed on Dec 3, 2008. Like Ben, our son Jaylon is very active in sports.

Happy to hear how well your son is doing.