Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hockey Hockey Hockey

Ben had a bit of a tough week. The boys started back at school. They were happy to be back but Ben was very tired and cranky. We kept things very low key but he still had a tough time. He started getting a cough last night which sounded absolutely terrible this morning. But after some honey and a lot of rest he was feeling well by the afternoon.

David started his hockey class this morning and had a great time. After resting all day and with a lot of begging and pleading by Ben we decided he was well enough to play hockey this afternoon. He was playing against his best friend so he REALLY wanted to be there. It turned out great and Ben's team won 5-1. Thankfully Ben still was feeling great after the game and the cough did not return. Scott is playing tonight so we are hoping he will also have a great game.

We received a question about how soon Ben was able to play sports after being diagnosed. Ben did not do much of anything, other than go to the hospital, for the first 9 months. After going into the Maintenance Phase of his treatment he was more active at school in PE and on the playground but still was not energetic enough for a team. By about the 12th or 13th month he was feeling great and by the 15th month he was totally back on the ice. He wasn't 100% in terms of energy and stamina but still feeling well enough to get on a hockey team and do well! I think he lost a bit of skill and speed being off the ice for so long but he is a fighter and he gets better every week.

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ffong said...

Thank you for the note about Ben's hockey. Ben and your family are such an inspiration. We will keep him and your family in our prayers.