Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Fun!

Ben finished his steroids for the month so we can all relax a little. Just as an update to last week - his numbers were great. Total white count 3.4, hemoglobin 12.9, platelets 231,000 and the all important poly 2037! All good so we are happy.

The boys started Cali Camp on Monday and are totally loving it. They are not going everyday this week as I wanted to make sure we didn't overdo it. They are pretty tired so I am glad that was how we planned it. Next week they will be doing the Wrangler Camp - which means they get to learn to ride and take care of horses every morning. They are so excited about that!

I cannot believe that half of the summer is already over but it has been so much fun and there are many more fun things to come. Ben has been just thrilled to be able to do all the things he missed out on last year. What a difference a year makes!

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Ann said...

Wow! Ben, Can only hope that you enjoy that Wrangler Camp! Horses are a special. They are very smart, and will know that you are a good guy!

Have fun out there Ben! We are thinkin about 'cha!

Holly & Kristy!