Friday, August 8, 2008

Still having fun!

The boys had another great week of Cali Camp and play dates. It was Harry Potter week at camp and as the boys are crazy about the books and movies it was very exciting for them. We decided today would be a great beach day so we invited a bunch of friends to meet us at the beach and had a fabulous time playing in the sand and waves!

We have a fun weekend planned with get togethers with friends and then next week is hockey camp week.

Ben will get chemo and start steroids for the month on Thursday so we will all gear up for that as it is everyone's least favorite time of the month - especially Ben's!

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Ann said...

Hi Ben!
We wanted to tell you how awesome we think it was that you went to the beach! How cool to be able to swim in the ocean, and play in the sand!

We heard you were going to Hockey camp...very cool Ben!

We have always thought that Wayne Gretzky was the coolest!

We hope you are having fun Ben, and we are thinkin' about cha'!

Take care,

Holly & Kristy