Thursday, December 11, 2008

Karate Kids

I just need to brag for a moment. The boys tested for their yellow belt in their karate class yesterday. They both passed! Yeah! Then with the whole class and all the parents standing there watching, the instructor singled Ben out as the best student of the class. The instructor said that he will be bringing Ben a special prize for all his hard work this past semester.

After the festivities were over and I went to sign the boys out, the instructor commented on how amazing my boys are. They are both completely different but each wonderful in his own way. He also said that Ben has a real talent for karate. His discipline is amazing for an 8 year old boy and he also noted that nothing seems to phase him. Ben remains calm and under control and is just a complete joy to be around. :)

As you can imagine, Ben was just beaming the rest of the night. He is so proud of himself!

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Aunt Stefanie said...

I am getting ready to brag all the way over here...