Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good Numbers Again

Ben had his blood check and Vincristine today. He was wonderful as usual. His numbers are great - white blood count 2.2, hemoglobin 12, platelets 225,000 and polys 1415. We are so relieved that he didn't catch the strep throat that David has suffered with over the past week.

We did find out something new that explains a lot. During a discussion about what he wants to be when he grows up, Ben said that his first choice is a professional hockey player (second choice is veterinarian). The doctor commented about how that might be tough and that it is astounding that he can play hockey now. She explained that the Vincristine messes with your nerves and makes the patient lose their reflexes. She then tested Ben's reflexes...and he basically has none. I commented that his running is totally different and his general athletic abilities have decreased. The doctor said that this is normal and that many people on Vincristine cannot run or play any sports because their coordination is completely off. Hopefully, his coordination and reflexes will return when treatment is done...but there is no guarantee of this. Some patients do not recover this ability so we will just have to wait and see.


MEGrattan said...

Yet another way that Ben is SO amazing...even though this has affected him, he still keeps on with his sports and active life! You continue to amaze and inspire us, Ben...and we hope you never forget the special person you are!

We love and miss you so much~
Kyle, Reid, Uncle Marty and Aunt Megan

Aunt Stefanie said...

So, in other words, Ben somehow has managed to exceed the bounds of nature by performing at the highest levels--in spite of officially lacking skills necessary to be a good athlete. Like Aunt Megan said, Ben inspires.

Last night, one of the offspring was kvetching about not wanting to take a (non-foul) medicine. I mused out loud about what a trooper Ben is with truly foul medicines, and side effects, and procedures... the medicine went down.