Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Month Down

Ben had his monthly trip to the hospital yesterday and all went well - we won't make any comments about his wacky doctor and nurse ;)
I just love how we can be there for things that are really not very pleasant but we still end up laughing hysterically half the time. The people at Cedars are absolutely amazing!!
Ben was kind of having an off day yesterday. He was really tired and just kind of blue but all was fine health-wise. He was a good sport as usual and the doctor and nurse really did a great job of lifting his spirits.
His numbers were great - white blood count 2.4, hemoglobin 12.6, platelets 319,000 and ANC 1190. Ben's nurse reassured me that this is exactly where we want him to be.
He was a bit tired again this morning but all should be fine for his hockey practice tonight and his game this weekend.

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