Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spinal Tap

Ben had another spinal tap this morning and all went well. Ben had some very interesting hallucinations and was cracking everyone up with his sense of humor. Ben said that I should share his hallucination, specifically that he thought he saw Mario and Luigi racing their cars on the cupboards in the room and he thought the cupboards were sand. I guess maybe he shouldn't play MarioKart right before a spinal ;)
He also thought my hair looked like water - I guess that probably went well with my 4 eyes, 2 noses and 2 mouths!

Ben's wonderful and amazing nurse called with the results of his bloodwork and all was great and right where we want them to be. Unfortunately, I did not have a pen when she called so didn't write them down but it was in the ballpark of white blood count 2.9, hemoglobin 12.9, ANC 1850.

Scott met us at the hospital and we all went for a delicious lunch.

Woo hoo. Another one down!

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The Pifer's said...

Praying for your family!