Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chemo Day Report

Ben's numbers from Sunday were good (ANC 1302, white blood count 3.1, hemoglobin 14.1, platelets 209,000) so they put him back on his medications at a 50% level.

We went back in today for another bloodcheck and chemo (Vincristine). Ben did great as usual and his numbers were good (ANC 1187, white blood count 3.4, hemoglobin 13.3, platelets 314,000). They brought his medications up to the 75% level and we will go back in a week to check his numbers again. He started on his steroids today so we are really hoping that it won't be so tough on him this month.

We have a rehearsal tomorrow to get ready for the big day on Saturday (my cousin Danielle's wedding and Ben and David are ringbearers). We will post pictures of the boys in their tuxedos - they are going to be so cute!

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