Monday, February 8, 2010

Neutropenic AGAIN!

Well, Ben has a cold but is otherwise feeling pretty good and is in good spirits. Unfortunately, we went to the hospital this morning and found out his ANC has dropped to 178 :(
He is not allowed to go to school this week so he will miss the Valentine's Day party scheduled for Wednesday, but thankfully there are only 3 days of school this week. He is a little bummed because we had all kinds of plans for the 5-day weekend ahead but I think we have to cancel most of them and come up with different things to do. Ugh!

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Uncle Chris said...

HI Ben,
Uncle Chris and I just read your blog and wanted to say Hi. We miss you and wish you and David a Happy Valentine's Day. Will you be my valentine???? ( AUnti B. not Uncle C.) Uncle Chris is busy cleaning up Barbies.... He wants to challenge you to Frisbee GOlf when you feel better.
AUntie Barbara and Uncle Chris