Monday, August 9, 2010

Low Low Low

Well, Ben has been neutropenic for 2 weeks and we found out yesterday that his numbers have dropped even lower :( His ANC is now down to 60. Hemoglobin is also low but at least his platelets are normal!

Ben is very bummed because he has been waiting all year for a special chess camp that is taking place this week. The boys went last year and they had the best time ever. When I asked them if there was only one camp they could do this whole summer what it would be - they both chose this camp without any hesitation (which totally shocked me). Anyway, we are trying to cheer him up by doing other activities, including taking over a good friend's pool this week while they are out of town. David decided he didn't want to go to the camp either without Ben - he said he wanted to hang out with his brother and try to still make it a fun week for him.

We are expecting to hear from his doctors this morning about what the next course of action is going to be. Very likely they will be putting him on antibiotics to help protect him from all the things currently going around. We are just really hoping we can get these numbers up soon so we don't have to postpone his Make-a-Wish trip!!!

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