Monday, November 1, 2010


Well, it has been two whole months since my last post. Sorry about that!

Things have been going really well. Ben and David started school and love their teachers and classes. Ben has had a few colds which have put us a little on edge because there have been 2 times where we were worried he might be admitted to the hospital because of a fever...but so far so good! Despite some major tummy issues, which are probably more to do with his gallstones than anything else, all has been great. Ben's numbers have been fantastic and they have told us that the antibiotics will be stopping shortly so all that he will need to take is a daily pill for the gallstones.

Both boys have started playing flag football. Ben is on the Sea Hawks and David is on the Jets. They are both really enjoying themselves. The season is almost over so we will probably be signing back up for hockey, although Ben has expressed an interest to try out lacrosse so we will have to see what the schedule is going to allow.

All in all life is truly returning to normal!

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JackSamMum said...

We are at the Maintenance stage of my son's treatment. I am glad to have found your blog which helps me see there is more that is more positive in our future.