Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I realized that it has been a long time since we have made a post. Both Ben and David have been home in bed with the flu. I guess I didn't use enough Lysol last week when I was sick. David stayed home yesterday and today and Ben just today...but I have a feeling they will both be home again tomorrow. They are sad because tomorrow is a big bake sale at the school to save the rainforest (we have many cupcakes ready that look like ladybugs, butterflies and other colorful bugs) and they will probably miss it but they are trying to get better so they can go on a field trip on Friday.

Everything has been pretty calm. Ben and David have both been adjusting to being back at school and having things be "normal". Ben has been great with his medicine and although the adjustment back into normal life has had a couple of bumps he truly has been doing great. He just came up to me this evening and said, "can you believe how much hair I have?!"
Scott is out of town for his sister's wedding (Congratulations Stefanie and Shlomo!) so we miss him but otherwise things have been pretty uneventful - what a nice change!

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Aunt Stefanie said...

We are sending much love and wishes for a sick-free house, along with tremendous gratitude to Scott for coming to our wedding. His presence greatly increased the joy of our wedding -- which could have been increased more only if Nicole, Ben and David had been able to come.

We know his being away isn't easy and we greatly appreciate Nicole and the boys lending him to us!

Much love,
Aunt Stefanie and Uncle Shlomo