Thursday, January 31, 2008

Small bump

Well, we were already scheduled to go to the hospital today after I picked the boys up from school...but we wound up going a little earlier than planned. I received a call from the school letting me know that Ben was feeling really terrible and although they had not taken his temperature he felt very hot. I raced over to the school and picked up both boys and took them over to the Cancer Center. The good news is that Ben's numbers are pretty good - not neutropenic. But he had a temperature of 101.3.

They decided to hold off on the chemo (Vincristine) and also the steroids which were supposed to start today. The Methotrexate that he receives orally every Thursday is also going to be put on hold. He will still take the Mercaptapurine and they put him on antibiotics. We will take him back to the hospital on Saturday for more bloodwork to see how he is doing - don't want those numbers to go back down! If all goes as we hope he will get the Vincristine next Thursday.

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