Saturday, April 19, 2008

Big News

The big news of the week is that Ben is now able to swallow pills!!!!

As some of you may know, we have struggled with the number of pills that Ben needs to take. Partly just because it is a pain due to the food restrictions that drive him a bit crazy but also because in the past he just couldn't swallow them. All pills needed to be crushed and put in pudding or juice (we have tried putting them in other things with little success). Earlier in the week he decided it was time to try again. He didn't get it down on the first try but he persisted and he got it down. Each night he has decided to try a little more and he now gets them down on the first try! The methotrexate pills are pretty easy for him because they are small. The mercaptapurine are a bit larger but he can get them down easily if we cut them in half.

He is so excited about this development! (Scott gave Ben some money as a reward for his big achievement but Ben asked him to give half to David. He is such a good big brother!)

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