Monday, April 14, 2008


Well the boys went back to school last week. Although they were happy to see friends and teachers they were a little grumpy getting back into the swing of things. The week ended on a high note with a visit from their cousins. They had fun playing chase and just generally goofing around. They kept wanting to go jump "on those lazy teenagers" Friday morning before heading off to school - I did finally let them go in to say goodbye. David just couldn't believe anyone could sleep so late (this coming from the boy who would sleep in every day if he didn't have to get up for school! I can just imagine what he will be like as a teenager.)

Ben is feeling good but will sometimes still wake up with a cough in the morning. It is the cough that just won't go away. Thankfully no temperatures and he is feeling great otherwise so I guess we will just need to be patient.

I thought I would let everyone know about a comment that he made to me last week. We were in a waiting room reading and he came over and unbeknownst to me was reading over my shoulder. I was reading a magazine and it mentioned that some person died of pancreatic cancer. He said, "Oh my gosh Mom, he died of cancer?! Did he die a long time ago when they didn't have all the good medicine that they have today?" Although we have commented many times that one of the positive things about Ben getting this horrible disease when he is so young is that he doesn't always understand everything. Sometimes not understanding is a bad thing and sometimes it is a good thing. He has made comments in the past that "he just feels lucky to be alive" so we figured he had picked up on some of the magnitude of all this but as it turns out he really didn't know that people die from cancer.

We are all still trying to deal with our emotions and helping Ben deal with some of his anger and sadness and just a general feeling that things just aren't fair. All in all I think it is all going well and I continue to be amazed and impressed with Ben's strength and character.

(Okay, so I also need to give a puppy update. Dakota is doing well and the boys are having so much fun with her! When we brought her home 3 weeks ago she was 8 lbs - she had shots again today and is over 15 lbs. She's a growing girl!)

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big hug, ben ;)