Friday, October 10, 2008


Ben's numbers were great yet again! Hemoglobin 13.8, Platelets 289,000 and ANC 2607. Since I had to miss this hospital visit due to David's bad cough (we didn't want to subject the patients at the cancer center to a coughing kid!) I had to get the full rundown from Scott, Ben and the oncology nurse. Everything continues to be great and the doctors and nurses are happy with how things are going so things remain calm. Yeah!

Ben started his steroids for the month yesterday morning so we are hoping that his emotions aren't too tough on him this weekend.


Ann said...

Hi Ben! Was just reading your blog with my sis Kristy, and we wanted to tell you how brave we think you are! You are one tough young man, and we are prayin for ya each night.

Keep up the good fight Ben, and hope you have a great week! :-)

Holly & Kris

Allison said...

Hello! I came across this blog today and had to leave a message. My son Josh had the same form of leukemia as Ben. Reading your blog was a walk down memory lane. Josh had just turned three at diagnosis. He is now just days away from his ninth birthday. He is very healthy and very active! Glad to hear your last counts were great! Ben, tell that body of yours to keep up the good work!

Roxy said...

wonderful! good job ben! :) big hug!