Saturday, October 4, 2008

Watch out, David Beckham!

Looks like there is a new soccer superstar in Los Angeles. David had a hat trick today, 3 goals plus an assist, as his team won 6-0 (unofficially, of course -- they don't keep score in this league). He also had a bunch of great defensive plays. His team is really improving from week-to-week, so the coaches are very pleased.

Ben was a great brother, cheering wildly for David from the sidelines. Ben plays hockey this afternoon.


Ann said...

Ben, We are so excited to hear about how great you are at playing soccer! Our brother John played though out his years in Elementary School, Middle and High School! He even was offered a scholorship at the University of Play Soccer! So Ben, you keep it up, and when you go to college, you can play for their team!

And we will be checking in before Halloween! Hope you have a good costume in mind? Have heard that this is THE year for great candy!

Take care Ben,

And know that we are prayin for ya'! :-)

Holly & Kristy

Scott said...

David, Ben's little brother, is the one who's playing soccer. Ben is a hockey player! (But he's good at soccer too!)

Ann said...

Ben! Sorry that we got confused about soccer and hockey...but ya know, we are just girls, and that happens sometimes! :-)

We love to watch Hockey, when it is on TV, and think that you must be very smart to be able to ice-skate...and throw around that little puck with the stick. WOW!

We hope you have fun next time you are "on the ice." because as for me and my sis...we can barely lace up our skates! Whew!

You are the coolest Ben!

Holly & Kristy