Saturday, August 29, 2009

Only one more year!

Ben has only one more year of chemotherapy!!!!! Seems like a long time from now, but not considering how long we've been dealing with this. We are totally excited and will celebrate tonight!!!


webr93 said...

Thank you so much for writing this blog. My daughter was just diagnosed August 17th with ALL. I found your blog and am learning so much. I want to read it all but just had to thank you. I know I will learn a lot of what we will go through by reading your blog. I will add Ben and your family to my prayers. Thanks.
Dana Weber

Scott said...

Dana, we are so happy the blog is helping you. Please let us know if we can help you in any way. You're going to get through this!

Scott and Nicole

Roxy said...

hi ben :) it's roxy, still remember me? great going benjamin! one more year.

i recently became a licensed MD in my country. taking the boards in the US in the next few months, so i hope to see you soon :D

Roxy said...

how are your cats, btw? (i still have your picture with the cute furry gray one) stethoscope still working on them? :)

Hua said...

Hey Nicole,

Congratulations! That is amazing news! Your blog is a great inspiration for others going through chemotherapy, and I’d love for you to share your past and upcoming experiences with others through Wellsphere’s HealthBlogger Network (HBN). With the HBN, you can connect with other Cancer patients as well as survivors and encourage those who wish to follow in your path.

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Director of Blogger Networks