Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tough Few Weeks

Ben has gone through a tough few weeks, but the good news is everything is now better! His spinal tap a few weeks ago was especially tough and then he had horrible headaches for a full week after which kept him home from school. Everytime we thought he was getting better he would start to get up and do normal things...and the headache would come back full force. Thankfully he had a little bit of a break and got back to school but we needed to go back in to the hospital last week for a check and to see how his liver function was doing and we received the surprising news that he was neutropenic! We were suprised as he was feeling and looking good - but I guess that little cough really did a number on him. After a full week home from school again, we thankfully went back to the hospital today and found out his ANC was up to 983 which means he gets to go back to school tomorrow! Yippee!

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