Monday, October 29, 2007


Ben had the dreaded leg injections today...and didn't even cry. I couldn't believe it!!! He was extremely calm and brave. He is exhausted and his legs hurt tonight but he is so relieved that the PEG injections are done. We had a little celebration that there won't be anymore. His nurse at the Infusion Center was terrific and brought him lots of candy after the great job that he did - everyone was so impressed.

Thank you Poppy and Uncle Chris for coming over to eat lunch and hanging out with us to help keep Ben distracted and calm.

Ben gets the day off tomorrow but will need to go for a chemo treatment on Wednesday. We are going to the hospital right after the Halloween Parade at school so that he can hopefully have a little quiet time to rest up for trick or treating.

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Uncle Chris said...

I have to repeat what Nicole said, "Ben is amazing". Poppy and I were very happy to be with you yesterday, although I definitely want a rematch at Mario Cart. Love you buddy. Uncle Chris