Sunday, October 7, 2007

Hair loss

Ben's hair is really starting to fall out now. He still has hair all over his head, but it is getting really thin -- you can see his scalp without any problem. Although Uncle Chris already shaved his head to show solidarity, I am holding off until more comes out. That's primarily because I am in the middle of a long trial, and I think the jury might freak out if I showed up bald all of a sudden. :)

Ben and David are doing really well. Yesterday, we went to buy toys with the gift cards one of my former colleagues sent them. They got all Star Wars stuff -- it's the current obsession. LOL

Anyway, thanks to all of you for continuing to follow the blog. It is hard to believe that we're only five months into this, and that we still have more than three years to go. The continued support really means a lot.

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Aunt Stefanie said...

You're thanking us for reading? I think it's us who need to thank you and Nicole for keeping the blog regularly updated.

We who love Ben and David salute you!