Tuesday, December 4, 2007

DI Update

Things are going well. As we had hoped Ben was able to go to school yesterday and today which he is so happy about! He even played soccer yesterday!

Although he had a slightly bad reaction to all of the medications he received on Thursday (vomiting and bad tummy ache on Friday) he has been feeling much better and not feeling much of anything from the ARA-C received on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We found out on Sunday that his numbers are starting to come down but are still relatively good. The expectation is that they will be down considerably by the next blood test on Thursday. This is all normal and just a reaction to all of the chemo.

We will be our usual careful selves about germs and not going to enclosed public places for awhile, but hopefully only for a couple of weeks.
I cannot believe we are in the home stretch of all this intense therapy and getting close to Maintenance. I will give an overview of Maintenance soon. Maintenance should be so much easier than what Ben has had to endure over the past 7 months. It is very long but less intense.


Aunt Stefanie said...

Ben has exhibited such heroism during the last 7 months -- as has the entire Pearson clan.

You all are amazing, inspiring examples of grace under pressure and I love and admire you more than ever.

Lea White said...

Sending you hugs in this last stretch of the intense therapy.

Our day 29 might be delayed because Bianca has some of the other kind of infection at the moment. Hope no delays, but in this "game" we just take each day as it comes.

Keep strong and before you know it you have reached maintenance. One of the mom's that I sometimes see, mentioned that they are pretty much back to normal. I think they are a month into maintenance.

Lea White
Wellington, New Zealand