Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mixed Numbers

The past two days have brought slightly better white blood counts but lower hemoglobin and platelet counts. Ben received antibiotics yesterday and was able to take part in a small Hanukkah party in the playroom at the hospital. Chai Lifeline came and played music and had a wonderful magician named Pun who was hysterical. The people were amazing and made Ben feel so happy and special. They even had a backpack full of toys and games for Ben and a great gift bag to bring home to David. Pun taught Ben how to tie a knot in a rope with one hand and Ben has had a great time showing off his new skill.

This morning was the usual routine of blood work and antibiotics. Ben's Poly's are up to 295 which means he is still neutropenic but at least the number is going in the right direction now! His hemoglobin is at 7.6 and platelets are at 65,000. There don't seem to be automatic numbers at which point they order transfusions but we are probably getting pretty close, especially for the hemoglobin (he received a transfusion last weekend because it went below 7). We will see if they continue to go down during our hospital visit tomorrow morning.

The boys are now playing with a friend and having a great time. Ben hasn't had a play date in a very long time and is thrilled to have this spur of the moment play date with his best friend!

By the way, Delayed Intensification is over!!!! Ben took the last of the Thioguanine last night! No more medicine (other than the antibiotics) until his numbers go up and he starts Maintenance. WOO HOO!!!

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