Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another month over

Ben finished his second month of Maintenance. We went to the hospital after school today and he had blood drawn for his bloodwork - and he didn't even flinch and didn't need to sit on my lap. He then had another dose of Vincristine. He was nervous about it but did great!

We also found out that his numbers are wonderful. Hemoglobin, platelets and white blood count are all good! I forget the exact number of his ANC but it is around 2600...much better than the zero he had a couple of weeks ago!! He started steroids today and will take them for the next 5 days and will take the Methotrexate that he takes on Thursdays.

He gets the next month off from the hospital. We do not need to go in until the end of March when he needs to get another spinal tap.

He is feeling and looking great!!

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Nancy D said...

Hi Guys,

Thank you very much for sharing this page with me and your story with all of us. You really are amazing.

What you are going through is not fun and you are incredibly brave, an example this 32-year-old much benefits from.