Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday Update

We are so happy to be home!!

Ben woke up feeling great and in a wonderful mood. Ben and David had fun playing together - they missed each other so much.
We had a little bit of a scare when Ben's temperature started to inch upward but thankfully it went right back down to 98.7 so no trips to the hospital today. I have done my best to clean everything. As usual, there has been lots of Lysol and Purell used today. I keep saying that I am just going to treat him like the boy in the bubble until his numbers start to go up. I think I am starting to drive him a bit crazy constantly taking his temperature, but I promised the doctor I would be extra diligent.

We are going back into the hospital tomorrow morning, but just for a blood check. The expectation is that his ANC will still be about the same (yesterday was around 30) but you never know. David is off of school today, tomorrow and Monday so we will just be doing a lot of playing around the house.

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