Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Ben and I have had lots of time to hang out. Not much going on except that the medications, except for the steroids, have been put on hold for the time being while we wait for his numbers to go back up. We are starting to see some of the emotional side-effects of the steroids and of course the disappointment that he is stuck at home once again doesn't help matters. The good thing is that he is feeling pretty good.

Ben was pretty tired and grumpy this morning and I made a little panic call to the hospital because I thought he looked pale, but as it turns out his hemoglobin was normal on Monday and as the day progressed he looked much better. I think he is just fighting the final stages of the virus so we are just playing a lot of board games, coloring, reading and watching tv (there have been some disputes between the boys that caused them to lose all video games so those have been cut off for the time being). Ben's teacher has been sending home some of his schoolwork so we have been doing that as well. We have had a great time researching and figuring out what he wants to make for his Valentine's Day project - he came up with a great idea for his Valentine!

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