Thursday, May 8, 2008


Well, I have been struggling about what I want to say in the post today...I must admit it has been an emotional day for me. One year ago today, Ben was diagnosed with cancer. It still seems so hard to believe that is true...on the one hand it seems like our lives were just normal a short time ago but on the other hand I cannot believe it has only been a year. I think this has been the longest year of our lives.

Ben had brought the subject up about a week or so ago about how long he has been in treatment. This morning I reminded him that today was the one year anniversary and he just smiled and commented that "boy, I am a very brave boy!" He is proud that he has had the strength and bravery to endure everything of the past year and is happy he is closer to the end of all of this (August, 2010).

He had a fantastic day at school. His class went on a field trip - a nature hike (I went with David and his class yesterday), which was right up his alley. After school we played with Dakota and the cats (mostly Shaggy) and then went out to a favorite restaurant. We came home and made celebratory ice cream sundaes (we have a big drawer full of sprinkles and fun cake decorating candy so the boys made some crazy creations!).

Although I think we have been struggling a bit emotionally lately I think today was a positive milestone. Ben is happy and proud!

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Lea White said...

Wow, a whole year already. A good time to reflect and gain strength!

You guys are amazing and you are in my prayers and thoughts.

Lea White (mum of Bianca)
Wellington, New Zealand