Sunday, May 18, 2008

Busy Week

We have had a terrific and fun filled week of swimming lessons, tennis lessons, and play dates every day. The boys had an event at the school called Poetry in the Park. Each child writes three poems and recites them outside in the grassy area of the school in front of their class and friends and family. The boys did so well. Ben was a bit nervous before his but did a great job on Thursday. Friday morning as we were getting ready for school Ben asked David whether he was nervous about standing up in front of everyone to recite his poems and David responded, "why would I be nervous?!" Many parents commented to me that they were very impressed with his confidence.
David's 6th birthday was also this week so we had a big party yesterday!

Ben is full of energy and having so much fun. The boys seemed like they were getting a bit overtired so I decided to keep the schedule quiet today but Ben had a craving for popcorn so we went out to a movie. After the movie we came home and played with water guns in this really hot weather. Dakota is a bit afraid of water, the hose in particular, but the rest of us had fun getting wet.

(I thought since we haven't posted a picture of Dakota recently some of you might like to see how big she is getting.)

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