Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thank You

Every year Ben and David's school collects items for a charity during the Week of the Young Child. This year the teacher who heads up the program chose the Cedars Sinai Pediatric Oncology department as the charity. I cannot express how wonderful this made Ben feel. The school collected board games, coloring books, journals, crayons, markers and other items kids stuck at the hospital use to help pass the time. The items are lined up in the hallways of the school during the 2 week drive and Ben would come home and report to me the great items he saw in the halls. The drive actually ended last week on the one year anniversary and I was able to drive it over and deliver everything to the hospital the following day. The hospital was so happy to receive everything and I must say it felt pretty wonderful to make the delivery. Ben was very proud to help other sick kids.

Thank you Turning Point!!!

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