Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good Numbers

The boys were able to go to gymnastics camp today. Ben's back was a little sore so he couldn't do some of the stretches in the morning but he kept feeling better and better as the day wore on.

We went to the hospital for a blood draw and Vincristine this afternoon. Although his veins were being difficult again at least they were able to get the chemo in and draw enough blood to run his numbers. The great news is that his numbers are terrific!! His ANC (the one we look at to see if he is neutropenic) was over 3000. As usual, Ben was a good sport during the poking and kept joking with the doctor and nurse.

We don't have any hospital visits scheduled for a month!

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Ann said...

To Ben:

From Kristy:

Ben, Just wanted to share a funny story today...Boy do I know all about hospitals and tryin to get blood.

You know, sometimes I just have to laugh when the lady with the cart comes in! After saying hello, I ask if she has had her
morning coffee? Usually, she gives that Huh? stare. :-)
But I ask her 'cause I know that my veins are REALLY tiny, and it is going to take some time for her to get my IV goin'. :-)

Eventually, it does work out, but wow, I only wish they could speed it up a notch, huh. ;-)

You are doing GREAT Ben, so take care!

Holly & Kristy