Tuesday, June 10, 2008

School's Out!

Well, Ben and David graduated from 1st grade and Kindergarten, respectively, and summer is upon us. We took a quick trip to Scottsdale with some friends last weekend, staying at a resort with cool waterslides and stuff and taking time to see their Grandmom. This week, Ben and David's cousins from Michigan, Kyle and Reid, are here visiting us. Then next weekend we're going camping with some friends north of Santa Barbara.

Here are some pictures -- Ben with his teachers, Ms. Lomonaco and Ms. Ostrowski; David at his end-of-school celebration; Ben and David at the Patton museum (in the desert between LA and Phoenix -- we drove); and Ben and David with their cousins. Our camera is now broken, so there may not be many new pictures for a while . . .

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