Friday, February 27, 2009

Feeling Lousy

Ben went to school this morning even though his back was hurting a little bit. He really didn't want to miss the school day. He promised that he would have the teacher call me if he was in pain (plus I called the teacher to give her the head's up). David was MVP in his class today so Scott and I were at the school around lunchtime to take part in the presentation, which was extremely cute, so we also had a chance to check in on Ben at that time. Ben said that he was still in pain but he really wanted to finish out the day. Unfortunately, things went down hill as the day progressed. By the end of the school day Ben's back was really hurting and his tummy was really upset - he just broke down and sobbed when we got home. He decided there was just no way he could handle hockey practice so we watched Prince Caspian (the boys loved it) and they took a nice long bath but Ben was just feeling awful by bed time. You could tell just by looking at his face what a toll the past couple of days has taken on him. We have a couple of different medicines to help with the tummy trouble created by the chemo...but he just broke down when I mentioned them and begged between sobs not to make him take another medicine. He said, "I have taken so many different medicines the past two days and it has been really tough on me. Please don't make me take anything else!"

The poor guy. I think a good night's sleep is going to make a world of difference. I am really hoping and praying that is true not only because this is so tough on him but also because he has a playoff game tomorrow afternoon for his hockey team. If they win they will go to the championship game next weekend so he will be so sad if he is too sick to play.

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