Thursday, February 26, 2009


Ben was sad this morning because we needed to go into the hospital for his spinal tap but we went and all went great! He was a little more serious than usual at the beginning but then after he got some drugs in him he was a regular chatter box. He had everyone cracking up as usual. Before he was even able to flip over (he needs to spend quite a bit of time on his tummy right after the procedure for the maximum effect of the medicine) his nurse called with the results of his labs and everything was great. White count at 2, hemoglobin at 12.2, platelets at 185,000 and polys at 1234. Oh, and because he has grown his medications have all been increased - at first he did not like the sound of this but I went through the increases and showed him how small they are so he decided it was okay after all.

Ben was feeling great after the procedure so we went for a special lunch with Scott and also had a chance to hang out in Scott's office. Ben was determined that he not miss his guitar lesson this afternoon so after a short rest at home I drove him to school for the class. He has a little bit of difficulty going up and down stairs and his back bothers him in certain positions but he was not going to miss that class! I think after this long day he is going to sleep well tonight!

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