Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ben is Back in the Hospital

Ben started to feel a little under the weather last Wednesday evening. He stayed home from school but we weren't worried because his symptoms were very mild and he didn't have a temperature...but all that changed Thursday afternoon. His temperature shot up so we went to the Pediatrician just to have them swab his nose to check for the flu and to get a blood sample to check his numbers. We went back home until the results were ready and during that time he started to feel completely better and his temperature went down so they ended up letting us stay home with instructions that we would need to head over to the hospital asap if his temperature came back. Well it did early Friday morning. We spent the day at the Infusion Center with his temperature going up and down. We also found out that he was neutropenic. By the afternoon, the doctors made the decision that he would need to be admitted.

Unfortunately, he is still there. He is feeling much better and his temperature seems to be under control but his white blood count is extremely low - continued to fall during the weekend. Hopefully they will not need to keep him long...but we will see!

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Julie said...

Ben is the third kiddo in Maintenance with neutropenia & fevers on my reading list this morning! What is with this autumn? DI is for hospital stays. I hope he gets those counts up soon and heads on home.

In the meantime, keep eating the good hospital food & stay away from the yucky stuff. (Mmmm, BBQ riblets are my fav at our hospital. What do you like, Ben?)