Saturday, October 24, 2009

Still in the Hospital

Well, it is a week later and Ben is still in the hospital but it looks like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Ben's numbers continued to fall until his ANC was down to 100 and his fevers continued to spike up to 104.8+ (the little thermometer only goes to 104.8 so it may have been higher). Thankfully by mid-week his white blood count stopped the descent and started to ease its way back up but confusingly his high temperatures remained. Also perplexing, every test the doctors ran came back negative. Not the flu or other viruses they are able to test for, not a bacterial infection and not a fungal infection. Very frustrating! More than one doctor has commented that we may never know exactly what he had - just one of the thousands of viruses out there that there are no tests for. The great news is that after some medicine changes and of course being at the hospital for a week Ben's temperature finally seems to be under control. It has been under 100 without the help of Tylenol or Motrin since Friday night. He had a CT scan this morning and although the initial thoughts are that the images look good - the official report is still not in. We are trying to be patient but this is getting very frustrating!
We are crossing our fingers that they will discharge him tomorrow (of course we only have a chance of this if the fevers stay away) but it might be Monday because of the delayed CT scan report.
We are truly hoping that everything will be back to normal soon!

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