Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Visit to the School

Although the doctors said on Sunday that Ben should be fine to go to school today...with everything that is floating around right now we decided to stay home an extra day to ensure his ANC had a good chance to come back up out of the neutropenic levels.

Even though he stayed home, we decided that since the Book Fair was taking place yesterday and today we would take a little trip over to the school so Ben would have a chance to pick out some fun books while the annex wasn't so crowded. He also had a chance to poke his head in to say hello to his teachers and classmates. Everyone was so excited to see Ben! He brought everyone a fun Halloween themed baseball hat that we received from the Playroom at the Cancer Center and everyone loved them.

Ben will go back to school for a half day tomorrow before we head back over to the hospital to check his numbers. We are hoping for really good news so Ben won't need to miss the fun Halloween carnival and parade at school on Friday and of course the fun night of trick or treating on Saturday!!

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