Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another Spinal

Ben had another spinal tap this morning and all went well. His main complaint was that he was SOOO hungry so he was extremely eager to eat right after. As usual, we brought the snacks he picked out and are now waiting for some Chinese food to be delivered since I told him he could have absolutely anything that he wanted.

Ben was nervous prior to the procedure. He doesn't like the procedure and he really doesn't like how the medications make him feel. After speaking with the doctors they decided not to use any Ketamine which regularly causes people to hallucinate and instead just used Versed (aka Midazolam). It worked really well in terms of not causing the crazy dreams but it took him a very long time to come out of it. Thankfully, they now have a tv in the procedure room so Ben was able to watch cartoons while eating his snacks and gradually feeling strong enough to walk.

When we arrived home a short while ago we recieved the wonderful message that his bloodwork came back and all is good! White Blood count 3.4, Poly 2305, Hemaglobin 14.3 and Platelets 218,000.

Ben was upset he had to miss school today but is excited to go back tomorrow. His hockey team is also starting tomorrow but upon the advice of the doctors, and to my relief, he has decided to take this first weekend off from sports just to keep his back safe. He couldn't do any permanent damage but getting hit in the back or falling on the ice would be pretty painful to his tender back.

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