Thursday, September 25, 2008

Never ending cough

Ben continues to stay home from school with a bad cough, a little bit of a stuffy nose and a low-grade fever. So far the highest it has gone is 99.7, but in our minds, still too close to the 100.4 that could wind him back in the hospital.

Ben has been very bummed to miss so much school this week and of course all of the extra-curricular activities planned for the week (and also the fact that we had to cancel our trip to Hawaii because of this and other issues). Of course, the bigger concern is that he really doesn't want to end up back at the hospital (then he always adds that he doesn't want to go back even though he LOVES the food, the FunCenter and the fact that he is "the boss"). He is really upset that he has to miss his normal acitivities like karate (he wasn't able to earn a ninja this week) and he won't be able to go to hockey practice tomorrow if he isn't totally better. Yes, I know, this is what every kid who gets a cold must go through...but considering the year and half Ben just endured I think he feels these hardships a little more deeply than the average child. That being said, he still endures them more bravely than I could ever do!

He cried a little tonight about the fact that he may need to miss school again tomorrow...but even more troubling to him is that there is a good chance that he might have to miss his first big hockey game against his best friend on Saturday! I really hope and pray he gets better soon...for so many different reasons!


stephen mclaughlin said...

Hi,my son Jason was diagnosed with A.L.L just over 2 years ago,as you know ,every month Jason gets steroids.septrin,and vinc.Anyway since about May he has been catching these coughs,the week after his steroids etc,going to hospital with temp,given anti,s for a week then home,can,t find anything,worrying,the next 2 weeks no cough,I personally think it is the steroids.Hope Ben getting to school,Jason loves school as well, good luck Jason,s dad Stevie McLaughlin.

stephen mclaughlin said...

hi,my wee son Jason was diagnosed with A.L.L just over 2 years ago,as you know every month ,Jason gets steroids,septrin and vinc as well as his daily dose of chemo,anyway he has been coughing the week after getting steroids etc,ends up in hospital ,gets antis ,find nothing then gets home,worrying,then for 2 weeks no cough.I think it might be his steroids.Hope Ben gets back to school,Jason loves school as well.good luck.Jason,s dad Stevie McLaughlin