Friday, September 5, 2008


We ended our summer with trips to the beach, museums and play dates. We intentionally didn't go too crazy because we didn't want to wear the boys out right before the start of school, but we still ended up being exhausted at the end of each day with smiles on our faces.

The boys started school on Wednesday and they are having so much fun! When I picked up the boys after their first day Ben was just beaming and said that the Second Grade is fantastic! He loves his new teachers and his classmates are great. David is staying with his same teacher (our school has a combined Kindergarten and 1st grade) which we are all thrilled about because we love her and he is excited to be one of the "big kids" in the class.

I am so happy to be able to get involved in the school once again. I am a Room Parent for Ben's classroom and have signed up for all the committees I was on prior to Ben's diagnosis. While at the school this morning I was able to pop into David's class which he was happy about. I also got to see Ben as he passed me in the hall on his way to Spanish class. I don't get the bombardment of hugs and kisses in front of his friends anymore now that he is older but I do get the wave and big smile which is wonderful!

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