Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend/SportsCenter Update

Well, we've been very fortunate because Ben's temperature has stayed under the hospitalization threshold. He still has a bad cough, but it seems to be getting better.

We let Ben play hockey yesterday despite the cough because he was playing against his best friend's team and he desperately wanted to play. (We held him out of practice on Friday.) His temperature was totally normal, so we decided to take the risk. He had a great time playing, and proved to be quite the playmaker. Made some very nice passes to his teammates, a couple of which nearly turned into assists. His team won the game like 7-2 or something like that. We didn't take pictures yesterday, but I've attached a photo of Ben's last game. He's in the center of the picture in purple.

David also had a game this weekend, but he's playing soccer. He scored his team's only goal and also made some great plays on defense, catching kids from behind to ruin breakaways twice! He's really aggressive and looks like he's going to be a pretty good player. This is a beginner league with no goalies and they don't keep score, but David was very cognizant of the fact that the other team scored like 10 goals. LOL Here's a photo from warm-ups of David and one of his coaches.

Nicole, Ben and David are going out for lunch and I'm going to work. Thanks for reading!

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Roxy said...

Hi ben... still remember me? :)

I'm so glad you're doing great.

Know that I think about you always.

Hugs :D