Tuesday, March 25, 2008


[This was drafted yesterday -- uploaded today due to technical difficulties. Scott]

Dakota has been so fun to have around. The boys are having a great time with her. They were a little upset at first because she was very sleepy and timid and seemed a little afraid of them . . . but boy has she come out of her shell. She has very funny bursts of energy when she will run around the yard, pounce on leaves and chase her tail. She is incredibly cute! She still wakes up a bit during the middle of the night, but is getting a little better. I was a little annoyed with her last night when she kept whining to come out of her crate - I brought her out to the potty spot in the yard and all she wanted to do was roll around and play!

The good news is that she seems to be getting the hang of the housetraining issue. She whined at the door this afternoon and when I opened the screen she immediately ran out to her spot and peed. Way to go Dakota! I'm sure she will have many accidents, after all she is just a baby, but she is pretty smart and we think she will get it down in no time. The boys had fun this morning trying to get her to sit on command. We are looking forward to doing all kinds of fun things with her!

Ben continues to have a little bit of a cough but it is getting better everyday and he otherwise feels fantastic. We just need the cough to continue to clear up so all can proceed on schedule on Thursday morning.

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Roxy said...

Ben!!! I see hair on that beautiful head of yours! :) I'm so happy to see you looking so healthy :D

Boy, you and David got so cute ;)

Say hi to your parents for me :)