Friday, March 28, 2008

Spinal Tap

Ben had another spinal tap yesterday and all went well. He was very nervous about the insertion of the needle but with the help of the magical numbing patch, his wonderful and amazing nurse who always takes such great care of him (after she found out he was so nervous she brought multiple types of needles so that he could choose the least scary one) and the skill of his doctor it was not so bad! He came through with flying colors as usual and was happy to have David there as well. This was David's first visit to the PICC center. He was not that impressed. Just spent most of the time in the corner on a chair playing his PSP ignoring everyone else in the room.

Shortly after we returned home we received a call about Ben's blood work and it is all good news. Polys, platelets and hemoglobin are all fantastic.

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Aunt Stefanie said...

Ben is such a trooper! We can't wait to see you all (especially Dakota -- the cats not so much) next month.

Love, Aunt Stefanie, Uncle Shlomo, Shalhevet and Hila