Saturday, March 15, 2008

Puppy time!

Many of you know that we've been waiting a really long time to come off the waiting list for a new puppy from a breeder we put a deposit down with. Well, we came off the list, we picked out our puppy, and we get to pick her up a week from today!

Today we went to the pet store and bought a crate, food, collar, leash, toys, "beware of dog" signs (LOL), etc.

The puppy's name will be Dakota. She's a Native American Indian Dog, which is a somewhat controversial breed (not recognized by AKC but recognized by some less pedigreed organizations (/rimshot)). The breed supposedly is good for people with allergies.

Now, the photos. At the top, we have Dakota on top of one of her sisters (taken by us a couple of weeks ago). Next is Ben in front of Kya, Dakota's mother. And the bottom shows Jake, the father; Kya, the mother; and the whole litter of five (photos taken several weeks ago). Dakota is the one in the middle of the bottom row of photos. In the picture of the three girls, she's on the bottom right.

All else is going well. Ben had some green stuff he coughed up today, but we're thinking he just ate a leprechaun or something. ;)

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