Saturday, March 22, 2008

Puppy Day!!!!

[This was drafted last Saturday -- it's being posted today due to technical difficulties! Scott]

Well, today was the big day! We drove out to pick up Dakota today! We were a little worried about how she should would react to the long car ride home (about 1 1/2 hours). We thought we would need lots of potty breaks and that she might be upset . . . but she was fine the whole way and in fact slept for much of the trip.

Dakota is absolutely beautiful and totally sweet. She has been very sleepy today and pretty shy with all the changes in her life. But even with that she has been great with the boys and very relaxed meeting all the cats of the household. Shaggy seems to think he now has a new playmate and Dakota doesn't seem bothered at all by the prospect. Zorro keeps checking him out and is curious but not upset. Geronimo finally noticed her late in the afternoon - seemed a little annoyed but otherwise didn't pay much attention to her.

Both boys have spent much of the afternoon with her sleeping or relaxing on their lap. Although there have been times when they have forgotten to restrain their excitement, I must say that they have been really good with her. Dakota loves her crate and at first she was too nervous to eat or drink anything but by about mid-afternoon she got her appetite back. She was even successful in making a potty in the correct potty spot outside (only one accident but considering her day and that it wasn't on me on the car ride home I think that is pretty good!)

Both boys have been amazing but Ben really has shown his maturity and love for animals with his treatment of her. This has been a terrific day!

Oh yeah, and on the issue of Ben's health, he still has the nagging cough that sounds terrible in the morning. But that being said he still hasn't had even a hint of a fever and feels fantastic so all good so far.

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