Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Break from the Hospital

We had an appointment to go into the hospital yesterday...but they cancelled on us :)

Ben is not able to go back on his cancer medications until his ANC is up above 750. Because his numbers were low and they just need time to come up the doctors decided they don't need to see him until tomorrow morning! Ben was thrilled! We need to treat him like he is neutropenic, even though number was slightly higher than the neutropenic number on Sunday, and keep a close watch on how he is feeling and his temperature. Thankfully, he has been feeling great. David has been home from school with a cold so the three of us have just been hanging out at home. Ben doesn't like the oral antibiotics, but they are much better than needing to go to the hospital everyday. Also, the low ANC numbers mean he hasn't been able to take his Mercaptapurine or Methotrexate. The silver lining to this is that he can eat whenever he wants at night - he just loves the fact that he can grab a snack whenever he feels like it!

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